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Get more qualified leads with Ovy for Sales: the B2B revenue platform that helps you to convert users into customers.

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How can you convert better?

Identify companies on your website and engage them in personalised conversations from anywhere

Support your sales team with Ovy, the AI-powered revenue acceleration platform. Win more deals faster, uncover buyer intent signals, shape your pipeline, and start sales conversations instantly with your new clients, day or night.



Discover companies behind anonymous visits.



Connect with prospects in real time from anywhere.



Generate more high-value opportunities and meetings.



Seamlessly integrate your sales and marketing tools.

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Francesco Bianco - Customer Service Team Leader at IRobot
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“Ovy literally saved our life during the pandemic period! Thanks to Ovy’s Artificial Intelligence, we have automated conversations with our customers in a very short time. Furthermore, we have improved internal procedures through a technology capable of replicating human interaction skills”

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Ovy helps companies boost their pipelines converting visitors into new customers

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More qualified leads

Ovy’s Visitor Identikit automatically identify and target prospects, ranking lead temperature according with buying intents.

More revenue

Ovy seamlessly arranges real-time meetings with your leads when they’re browsing your website, generating more revenue, faster.

More productivity

Ovy unifies every aspect of the customer journey, from conversion to engagement to support, increasing seller productivity and effectiveness.

Reduce 30% operative costs

Ovy helps your sales and marketing teams easily connect with customers through conversations that build trust and grow revenue, reducing operational costs by 30%.

Identify & measure

Identikit and lead temperature

Automatically identify visitors to your website. Ovy captures all information about companies and key people based on time spent on the website and page views, scoring each visitor based on buying intent.

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Discovery & Check-out

Chat Audience

Find all your potential customers in one dashboard. Ovy lists all the companies that have visited your site, with the key persons, and their behavior while browsing, to meet your needs, setting your team up for success and keep your business in sync.

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Engage & Interact

Chat flow builder

Your next customer is on your website. Talk to them, right now. Ovy builds your chat flows easily and quickly with a drag-and-drop system, giving your customers the opportunity to self-serve their sales support before connecting with reps.

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Messages & Automations

Automated messages and notifications

Push notifications to your sales team to engage leads in chat based on their behavior. Ovy sends automated and personalized chat messages or schedules meetings with prospects based on custom triggers, to engage and convert visitors in real time.

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Scheduling & Meetings

Sales Meetings

Automatically qualify and schedule meetings with website visitors 24/7. Ovy qualifies visitors automatically, mark the best leads, and book a sales meeting with the right rep – any time, from anywhere.

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CRM Integration

Connect your CRM to make your life easier

Automatically connect your CRM to ease the work of your team, maximize productivity and customer satisfaction. Ovy helps your CRM work better together so you can save time and money. All your sales tools, working together.

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