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Ovy, One click AI assistant who generates automatic email replies

The AI Assistant that helps you write better email. In one click.

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From an analysis by McKinsey&Company

Save hours of work every week with Ovy

The average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email, according to a McKinsey analysis.

Automating conversations

One click to generate replies. As realistic as yours.

Ovy is the virtual assistant to automate conversations and to improve the daily work of professionals in large, medium and small businesses, making the exchange of emails and the organization of appointments faster, more fluid and safer.

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calendar ovy

Integrated with Google calendar

privacy ovy

Privacy First

Multilingua ovy


sentiment ovy

Context Sensitive

Our Assistant's prices

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€ 9,90 € 99 monthly annually

200 emails / monthly 200 emails / monthly

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€ 24,90 € 249 monthly annually

500 emails / monthly 500 emails / monthly

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Simple, yet powerful features.

Spend less time managing emails and more time achieving your goals.

AI generated email
The future of productivity

One click to generate replies. As realistic as yours

Just select if you’d like to send a positive or negative answer, or if you’d like to gain some time or schedule a meeting. Our email virtual assistant will write a complete answer for you.

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Context sensitive

It looks like magic

Ovy automatically understands your name, who is the recipient and the content of the messages, in order to write complete responses relevant to the context.

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email AI generated
Ovy multilingual
Now You’re speaking

Multi-language. And it’s cool in all of them

Ovy automatically understands the language used in the message and replies using the same language.

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Google Calendar Integration

Let Ovy schedule meetings for you.

With the Google Calendar integration Ovy can look at your free slots in your calendar and propose the best meetings times in the mail replies. You’ll love it.

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Ovy email calendar
Email Generation
Personalised Email

Generate a custom email with just one sentence

If you’d like to send a more customized email, let Ovy do the hard work. You have just to write your intention and the tone of the email, and Ovy will write the full email for you.

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Try Ovy Email for free!

Save your time and work

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