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Customise your service with the most performing AI virtual assistant platform. Get higher resolution, better customer flows, happier customers and build relationships

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Ovy for Customer care
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Ovy for Customer Care

Digital Humans

Digital Humans

Our photorealistic virtual assistants take your customer experience to the next level, so you can assist your customers in an exceptional way.

ai voice

AI voice

Conversational Artificial Intelligence that empowers your Contact Centre with Virtual Agents. Quick to implement. Infinitely scalable and No code.

ovy ai email generated

Ovy for email

The AI Assistant that helps you write better email. One click to generate replies as realistic as yours. Save hours of work.

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All your customers’ questions are answered immediately, correctly, intelligently and hyper-automated with our virtual assistant.

customer care Alessia Scarpocchi
Alessia Scarpocchi - Director Digital Strategies at Aboca Group
See how Aboca succeed with Ovy

“We get confirmation of the usefulness of managing customer relationships through Conversational Artificial Intelligence with virtual assistants, in order to lighten our workload and provide answers in real time, thus providing a better service.”

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A user-friendly dashboard to build your own customised conversation flows

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One click to approve what the AI learns from your customers.

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Support human agents and reply to your customers with automated messages

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Increase the knowledge of your customers by extracting clear data from their conversations.

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You’ll love Ovy’s Conversational Service

Ovy’s conversational Artificial Intelligence give your customers that warm, personalized feeling with every conversation, anywhere, anytime.

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Ovy’s drag-and-drop interface allows efficient flow building and hassle-free editing.

icon No code


Ovy’s NLP and Deep Learning has a simple interface that does not require programming skills.

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Ovy learns from every conversation, with a training suite to test your customer experience before launch.

Icon human touch

Human touch

Ovy automatically answers any request quickly, accurately, speaking like a human. In any language.

Delivering omni-channel experience

Offer your customers conversational support in the way they prefer, so that they can easily find the answers they are looking for through call, phygital, chat or social media.

Say cheers to Digital Humans

Digital Humans: the new look of the Customer Care

An new leap forward that revolutionize customer experiences with scalable human conversations. Our Digital humans are AI-powered brand ambassadors, integrated on mobile, website and physical totem, to recreate omnichannel human interaction at infinite scale.

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Digital Humans
Ovy for customer care
As you are

Scale your business with code-free Custom Chatbots

Speed up customer care and boost productivity with fully customizable, code-free chatbots that give answers fast, and let customers get on with their day. Our chatbot scales your team by resolving over 70% of common questions for you, saving time and resources.

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Communicate with your voice

AI Voice: the Virtual Assistant that handles phone calls

AI Voice automatically answers your customers, sorts calls, manages orders, reservations. Build, train and manage our Voice Assistants for your contact center automation without writing a single line of code. Easy to implement. Endlessly scalable.

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Ovy customer voice
Ovy email
AI generated email

Ovy for email is the virtual assistant that improves your work

Automate conversations and improve the day-to-day work of professionals in large, medium and small companies, making the exchange of emails and the organisation of appointments faster, smoother and safer.

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Customer care success stories

Hundreds of greatest brands turn to Ovy to boost their conversational services.

Hospital A. Gemelli - Healthcare
A virtual assistant supported by Artificial Intelligence at the service of patients and healthcare professionals
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iRobot - Ecommerce & Retail
iRobot improves response times to provide a smooth customer experience to its customers.
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Agsm – Energy & Utility
A virtual Customer Service, replicating human interaction, to support consumers and to get assistance.
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An integration ecosystem
Ovy works anywhere

When everything is interconnected, you can maximize your business results. Ovy integrates perfectly with any application or web service, even with Whatsapp Business. With a few simple clicks, or with the assistance of our support teams, you can activate your virtual assistant on the world’s most used messaging platforms to boost your customer experience.

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Userbot Integrations
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Hold on. Do you want to see our products in action?
Get a free demo and counseling from our experts to help you apply Conversational AI technologies to your business.
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