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ERIC : the virtual AI assistant

The A. Gemelli General Hospital is more efficient thanks to Artificial Intelligence

eric - conversational AI assistant
A. Gemelli General Hospital
Rome – Italy
Technology partner
Olympus Italia
Business partner
Media for Health

Responding promptly and quickly to patients’ numerous questions before gastroenterology examinations and operations, particularly with regard to colonoscopy.

Supporting the work of physicians, medical and administrative staff by enabling them to focus on patient care, by delegating routine or administrative tasks to artificial intelligence, with the aim of improving the Patient Experience.

Eric Conversational AI Assitant: Background and challenge

The University Hospital Agostino Gemelli is the largest hospital in Rome, a research and foundation centre, treating thousands of patients every day in its seven different medical departments. Given its central location in the city of Rome, the Polyclinic has to answer numerous questions from hundreds of patients every day before a colonoscopy, a medical examination in the field of gastroenterology that allows an inside view of the patient’s colon.

In this area, the Polyclinic decided to adopt artificial intelligence in order to improve communication with users, both to meet the needs of patients and healthcare personnel, creating a faster and more precise relationship with their stakeholders. One of the objectives is to improve the Patient Experience, i.e. to quickly provide answers to any questions or doubts about the examination, the conduct to be taken before and after the visit, by centralising the information in a single platform where the patient can find all the answers to his or her questions.

Concurrently, it is necessary to make the work of medical and administrative staff more fluid and faster, and to leave repetitive tasks to a high-impact technological solution based on artificial intelligence. This technology allows staff members to focus their efforts on high value-added tasks, where humans are vital, by optimising internal processes and reducing part of the hospital’s operating costs.
Userbot, along with technology partner Olympus and business partner Media For Health, provided the solution: our Conversational Artificial Intelligence. A tool that understands the patient’s voice, recognises their needs and fulfils their requests without any waiting time, freeing healthcare staff from administrative tasks.

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Our solution: ERIC, the Hospital’s conversational AI virtual assistant

The Policlinico Gemelli in Rome is one of the first hospitals in Italy to introduce conversational Artificial Intelligence with ERIC, the virtual assistant at the service of patients and employees to improve the patient experience.

Eric is a virtual assistant, integrated into the website, supported by Ovy’s conversational AI, capable of supporting conversations with users in a fluid and natural way.

Based on Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning, Eric understands the meaning and semantic links of users’ messages – even if they contain grammatical and spelling errors – to optimise current and improve future conversations. to optimise current conversations and improve future ones.
Eric learns from conversations with patients, while providing all useful information about the preparation for booked examinations.

When it is necessary, Eric transfers conversations to a human operator who manages each chat from a unified, intuitive dashboard.
Eric also analyses Big Data to support managers and executives in making decisions aimed at improving the customer experience and the well-being of patients and employees, analysing the most frequently asked questions and issues to indicate areas for improvement in hospital-patient communication.

Our solution saves time for doctors, caregivers and administrators to spend on high value-added activities and, consequently, reduce some of the costs associated with the operation of patient management.

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Eric’s impact and the results achieved

2’ 36”
average conversation time
> 94%
of messages are handles by Virtual Assistant
> 80%

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