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Miflex chooses Digital Humans to support Industry 4.0 operators in production, maintenance, production line setup and quality control.

Miflex S.p.a.
Villasanta – Italy

Digital innovations and transformations are demonstrably more complex and difficult to initiate in manufacturing companies, but we are heading into a season of great change, thanks to the introduction of AI into the enterprise, which allows for a decrease in the time and complexity of any innovative project.

According to a report by McKinsey & Company*, manufacturing industries, by employing AI in production, will be able to achieve increases of up to 17 percent in efficiency, up to 9 percent in Turnover, up to 13 percent in Time-to-Market, while reducing costs by 14 percent and environmental impact by 9 percent.

Miflex S.p.a.

Miflex S.p.A., a company founded in 1989 in the Italian province of Monza and Brianza, is active in the production of flexible hoses for household appliances, diving and thermohydraulics.

With a production capacity of more than 20 million pieces per year, 92 percent exported to more than 70 countries, with customers such as Miele and Bosch, Miflex is the global leader in the production of flexible hoses for household appliances.

Miflex is taking important steps toward automating internal processes, both production and management, through the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the company; with the aim of achieving significant returns in terms of turnover and efficiency. The strong drive for innovation and proactivity led Miflex S.p.A. to recruit Ovy’s Digital Humans among its production lines.

Digital Humans are virtual assistants with human-like features supported by Artificial Intelligence and can be integrated into website chat or in physical spaces on touch screens. In this case, they are integrated into production lines to meet the needs of operators.

Mauro Mazzo – CEO at Miflex S.p.A.

Miflex case study

“Userbot’s Artificial Intelligence platform enables seamless integration between production, administration and management to ensure qualitatively and quantitatively superior production cycles, including reducing downtime waiting for human intervention. Digital Humans have such a simple and intuitive interface that any operator, even without IT skills, immediately learned how to use.”

Digital Humans: the solution for Miflex

Digital Humans are virtual assistants that provide control, support and information to operators in order to guide them along all stages of the production chain, ensuring a correct and efficient production process. All in an extremely simple and natural way.

Ovy’s Artificial Intelligence supports operators in the following operations:

1. Initiating production at the beginning of each shift;

2. Loading Di.Ba.,with data entry associated with each component in the production;

3. Ordinary Maintenance Management, where artificial intelligence reminds the operator of the tasks to be performed on time to ensure full efficiency of the production line;

4. Extraordinary Maintenance Management, in case of line failure or malfunction. The virtual assistant intervenes by supporting the operator, avoiding when possible the intervention of the Maintenance Department

5. Resetting of automatic line settings, associated with the change of item to be produced, or when necessary due to changed external conditions;

6. Quality control, thanks to the support of AI in the management of quality control, carried out on each part produced, using more than 30 different sensors;

7. Remote monitoring of all activities.

Digital Humans

Ovy provides an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, requiring no IT skills, for managing Digital Humans.
These virtual assistants with human-like features, including tone of voice and body language, are installed on multimedia kiosks, and provide fast and natural interactions to assist line operators, administrative staff and business management, both online and offline

In addition, this technology can be extended to the company website via chat widgets so that customers can be assisted to provide immediate technical assistance.

The usage of Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning technology, allows Digital Humans to understand conversations, with Miflex S.p.A. operators, and automatically learn from the requests and conversations had to make production more efficient.

Using Data Analytics and Reporting tools, insights from conversations had between digital humans and operators can be analyzed, data and queries can be transferred to various departments and administrative departments, along with all production data for each individual line, thanks to integration with the company’s management system.
Digital humans also become a key tool for management to support decision-making, to make informed decisions based on real data (data-driven decision).

(*) February 2022, McKinsey&Company, Operations Practice “Toward smart production: Machine intelligence in business operations


production lines managed automatically
of interventions managed by AI
labor hours saved per year

Integrate and optimize internal production, administrative and management processes with Digital Humans

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