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Digital Humans: keep in touch your customers

A more advanced conversational AI for even more realistic conversations.

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Customer Support has a new face

More human interactions

With our photorealistic avatar, the customer experience becomes even more human. Digital Humans are the perfect solution for giving authentic customer care.

Our human-like virtual assistants supported by Conversational AI can be integrated into the chat on your website or into physical spaces through a touch screen.

To sell and provide information

A virtual assistant is capable of providing assistance to clients about the products and services of a company.

To book appointments

It facilitates the check-in or the booking of an appointment, making the process smooth and efficient.

To give customer support

You can provide assistance during the purchase phase of your clients giving them satisfaction and anticipating their needs.

Digital Humans

Customer service & Support virtual assistant

icon User friendly


The drag-and-drop interface allows efficient construction and hassle-free editing with intuitive usability.

icon No code


Based on patented NLP and Deep Learning technology, they are very easy to use: no programming skills are required to manage Ovy

icon self-improvement


They learn from every conversation. You can test them with our training suite to ensure a great customer experience before launch.

Icon human touch

Human touch

They automatically answer your requests quickly, accurately, speaking like a human. In different languages and seamlessly

Miflex case study
Mauro Mazzo, CEO at Miflex S.p.A. - Manifacturing
Miflex Chooses Digital Humans to Support Industry Operators

“Digital Humans allow a perfect integration between production, administration and management, to guarantee qualitatively and quantitatively superior production cycles, also reducing downtime waiting for human intervention. Digital Humans have such a simple and intuitive interface that any operator, even without IT skills, immediately learnt how to use it”.

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A user-friendly dashboard to build your own customised conversation flows
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One click to approve what the AI learns from your customers.
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Support human agents and reply to your customers with automated messages
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Increase the knowledge of your customers by extracting clear data from their conversations.
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Discover all the ways that you can use it

Wherever it appears, it gives a show

Everything is evolving, so as customer service. Thanks to the powerful Conversational AI technology and human-like virtual assistants, your company can offer an engaging and increasingly evolved customer experience to your employees and your clients on any physical and digital platform.

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You can integrate it online on the website or in clinics on totems


You can create a personalized shopping experience and guide your client during the purchase fase

Public Administration

Eliminate the lines at the counters: a new way of giving support to the citizens

Exhibitions and Events

Provide information during the events; about the map, the speakers or the time of the talks

The evolution of digital signage

AI Totem: a personal ambassador in your retail space.

Digital humans in the real world via in-store kiosks put a human face to customer-facing channels. Our Digital humans add empathy, warmth and the non-verbal cues on info-points, railway stations, airports and shopping centers.

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conversational AI totem
conversational AI Digital humans
Discover all the ways that you can use it

Create your own personalized Digital Human with the appearance of your choice

With Ovy you can create your own Digital Humans based on your appearance and facial expressions. We just need a video of you talking and gesturing to recreate your virtual twin. Every detail from their looks to their personalities is co-designed to create the most positive and lasting impact on users.

Improve your Customer Service

Unlock the potential of deeper customer-agent relationships

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Hold on. Do you want to see our products in action?
Get a free demo and counseling from our experts to help you apply Conversational AI technologies to your business.
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