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AI Voice: the real customer support for your contact center

80% of people who turn to a call center want to hear a human voice: they seek empathy and speed. Ovy's AI Voice is a conversational virtual assistant to give fast and accurate answers to your customers any time

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Voice assistant
A new era for Contact Center

Give a voice to your customers

AI Voice’s Ovy automated speech recognition and response technology enable fast, accurate, lifelike conversations in multiple languages, dialects, speaking styles and emotions for a variety of use cases, like customer self-service, agent assistance and speech analytics.

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Natural human-like conversations to make better customers experience

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Costs reduction

We’ve identified 5 ways a voicebot can help you save or make more money: lower marketing costs, boost agent productivity, reduce cart abandonment and increase customer retention. 

Zero waiting times

People are more demanding. Eliminate first call waiting and resolution times to improve the customer experience. Give your operators time to solve complex questions and make customer happy.

Call analytics

Understand your customers by analyzing the transcription of all calls. Analyze the performance of your contact center with customized reports.

From virtual to human assistant

Smooth customer interactions involve seamless live agent transfers. Our virtual aassistant are equipped to understand the tent and make the switch to a live agent if request.

A new Era for the Customer Care

Build your voice assistant. No code

Create conversation flows that fit your use case. Add customer phrases that trigger specific actions. Do it all, using a drag-and-drop interface that allows for efficient construction and hassle-free editing.

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A new power

Improve and maintain quality with AI training

Use our training and testing suite to ensure a great customer experience before launch and in post-production to improve and maintain quality.

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Get the best out of your data

Discover all KPIs about conversation and customers with the dashboard

Listen to call recordings and review transcripts to find out what your customers want to achieve. Use the in-app statistics for a quick overview of the most important metrics of the virtual assistant or download the raw data to create your own custom report.

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KPIs ovy

AI Voice supports your customers in every step

Welcome calls and onboarding

Plan. execute, and track multi-step transition processes like onboarding

Notification calls

Alert customers about activities such as bank transfer confirmations, suspicious account activities, verification of the account, etc.

Feedback and survey calls

Launch conversational surveys that understand free-text and modify the survey flow based on respondent sentiment.

Reminder Calls

Contact customer to confirm appointments, bookings, and reservations or remind consumers about payments, due dates, adherence.

Build authentic relationships with your customers

Generating pipeline has never been this easy.

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