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Replies to your customers as if it were you with Ovy’s chatbot

Helping your customers quickly, with real and intelligent responses, will change your day.

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Discover Ovy for Customer Care

The AI Conversational chatbot that automates the 90% of frequent answers and learns from conversations keeping human touch


The drag-and-drop interface allows efficient construction and hassle-free editing with intuitive usability.

icon No code


Based on patented NLP and Deep Learning technology, they are very easy to use: no programming skills are required to manage Ovy

icon self-improvement


They learn from every conversation. You can test them with our training suite to ensure a great customer experience before launch.

Icon human touch

Human touch

They automatically answer your requests quickly, accurately, speaking like a human. In different languages and seamlessly

Responds to everything, replies to everyone

With Ovy, all questions receive immediate replies: your customers are supported around the clock, saving you time and resources

Live chat

Support your customers 24/7

No additional waiting time

Eliminate waiting times thanks to AI automated conversations

Create customized conversation flows

Don’t stop with just greeting your customers, but offer the support they need automatically. Design the conversations for a customer who interacts with your bot and create a truly engaging chat experience.

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Single management panel

Powerful features

You will have access to a single intuitive management panel from which you can monitor user activity, forward questions to operators and control all conversation flows.

AI Training
Increases automation and improves efficiency

Provide more and more responses by training the artificial intelligence to manage any question.

Results monitoring
Keep an eye on your AI

Assess the performance of your conversations and improve your full customer experience

Conversation Management
All the requests in a single platform

Communicate in real time with all your customers and offer them the help they need quickly and efficiently

Integrations and APIs
Connect all the applications you love

Add your services easily and quickly for optimum activity management.

An integration ecosystem

Virtual assistant: best way to improve all your team

Thanks to the wide range of possibilities offered by Ovy, you can start a new conversation at the right time, with the right message. This is a new opportunity for you to win new customers and increase the number of potential customers for your products or services.

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Customer service

Designed to guarantee rapid Customer Service 24/7, it ensures you save time and resources from day one

Help Desk

Used to simplify internal communication among company employees, it guarantees immediate and efficient support

Lead generation

You will have numerous opportunities every day to win new profiled customers by offering your services and products at the right time

Marketing Automation

Guide your customers with a funnel of conversations. Increase the conversion rate and achieve your targets

Artificial Intelligence

AIn’t no need for you!

Userbot will only forward new and unrecognized questions to the operator and learns from the operator’s answers. Learning today to improve tomorrow!

More benefits

Userbot is more than just a simple chatbot, it is a virtual assistant that is easy to set up and manage

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Human Handoff

You can decide how and when to hand off the bot to a human, thanks to advanced rules

Time Management

You can choose your team’s office hours and automate the out-of-hours messages


Add your team to Userbot to manage the conversations in combo with the AI

Business Intelligence

Know data and any replies your customer ask to make better your customer care and satisfied customers

Ovy: rocks anywhere

When everything is interconnected, you can maximize your business results: Ovy integrates perfectly with any application or web service, even with Whatsapp Business. With a few simple clicks or with the assistance of our experts, you can activate your chatbot on the world’s most used messaging platforms!

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Userbot Integrations

Just a simple copy and paste

You can install your Bot on the different platforms in next to no time. Whether you need to install your chatbot for facebook or website, the Integration takes just a few clicks and your Bot is ready to go

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Customer Success Stories

Check out how our customers leverage Ovy’s technology to effectively impact their business success.

Aboca - Pharmaceutical
Automated conversations to advise customers in their health and lifestyle choices, providing the right answer to 62 health needs with 68 product lines.
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Hospital A.Gemelli - Healthcare
A virtual assistant supported by AI that helps patients in a comprehensive set of specialist examinations and health assessment.
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Agsm – Energy & Utility
A virtual Customer Service, replicating human interaction, to support consumers on bills, new offers or to get assistance on troubles.
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Hold on. Do you want to see our products in action?
Get a free demo and counseling from our experts to help you apply Conversational AI technologies to your business.
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