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How AGSM maximized communications with users, giving accurate responses and building a strong customer service.

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AGSM AIM Energia
Verona – Italy
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AGSM AIM Energia is a multi-utilities company operating in the fields of gas and energy distribution.
Every day, hundreds of customers contact its customer care to get information, access new offers, make reports and get assistance with supplies.

Customer Service team wondered how they could improve communication with users through technology that could replicate human interaction capabilities and give accurate answers.

The solution is Ovy’s Conversational Artificial Intelligence technology, capable of responding to all user requests automatically, at any time, and on different communication channels thanks to integrations with corporate communication systems maintaining a human touch

Matteo Perusi

Manager at Agsm AIM Energia Spa

Agsm manager

“We tested several products on the market to find a solution to our needs, but none were able to replicate the easy-to-use and intuitive Artificial Intelligence management dashboard as Ovy did.”

Our Solution

We created an intelligent Virtual Assistant called Sunbot, which is installed on website and responds in chat with the same precision as a human agent, thanks to Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning technology.

SunBot, the Intelligent Virtual Assistant, built using our conversational AI, responds to user queries, supports customers in activation and disconnection of services, helps in the selection of commercial offers, provides payment information and presents consumption, billing and billing data. Another feature of SunBot is the ability to report outages, service interruptions and emergencies in real time via Livechat.

AGSM AIM Energia Spa, armed with conversational AI at its side, is able to satisfy all users quickly and, only when necessary, transfer conversations to human operators, in real time, to accommodate every user request.

Finally, the Business Intelligence of the our platform allows the extraction of trends, behaviour and insights from customer conversations, supporting company in defining business strategy

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The results achieved

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