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Supporting Aboca’s customers in their health and lifestyle choices by providing answers on products and conscious eating

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San Sepolcro – Italy

Aboca takes care of people’s health through 100% natural, effective and safe products. Every day, hundreds of customers interface with the Customer Care team for advices, guidance on products use and characteristics, and information about the company.

Aboca required a structured and smart solution to automate responses to customer enquiries and limit the intervention of human chat operators, especially during recurring questions – saving money and time.

Ovy provided the solution: both our Conversational Artificial Intelligence platform and our team’s support. Intuitive and user-friendly. A tool that recognises customers’ needs, directs them to the right choice and improves response times by providing seamless customer service.

Alessia Scarpocchi

Digital Strategies Director at Aboca Group

Alessia Scarpocchi - Aboca

“We get confirmation of the usefulness of managing customer relations through Conversational Artificial Intelligence with virtual assistants, in order to lighten our workload as well as to provide answers in real time, thus giving a better service.”

Our solution

Aboca integrated our conversational AI technology into its customer care service: an intelligent virtual assistant, installed on its website, capable of automating responses and interacting with users.

After the success of the collaboration started in 2018, also in 2022 Gruppo Aboca renews its trust in Userbot technology, expanding its operations with the introduction of further technological skills for their 4 virtual assistants (Gemma, Melissa, Pietro and Erica) each of which will respond on different ambitions of action and product lines in relation to the needs of the target customers, verticalizing themselves into the corresponding satellite sites part of the Aboca network.

Thanks to Natural Language Processing, the Virtual Assistant understands chat errors and shortcuts, always giving the right answer to users and, when necessary, transfers the conversation to a human operator in real time.


Ovy keeps improving its performance by adding new information from conversations with users to the original dataset through Deep Learning power. This makes customer management faster, more effective and easier for the Customer Service team.

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The control dashboard is clear and intuitive, making it easy to manage the virtual assistant

Alessia Scarpocchi
Digital Strategies Director at Aboca Group

conversations resolved with no human interaction
> 15.000
conversations managed by Virtual Assistant
hours saved by customer service

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