One click AI-generated email replies

June 22, 2021 2022-02-13 13:40

One click AI-generated email replies.

The AI Assistant that helps you write better email. In one click.

Install now the Google Chrome
extension for Gmail. It’s free.

Built by the same guys who brought you

How does it work?

Click. Yes, it's that simple.


Open an email.

Open Gmail and select the email you'd like to reply.


Just click on "Generate Reply" or select the tone of voice buttons.


A complete, realistic and context-sensitive reply is generated.

How much time are you spending on email?

The average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email, according to a  McKinsey analysis. Save hours of work every week with Ovy.


of work day

2.6 hours

average per day

Simple, yet powerful features.

Spend less time managing emails and more time achieving your goals.

The future of productivity

One click to generate replies. As realistic as yours.

Just select if you'd like to send a positive or negative answer, or if you'd like to gain some time or schedule a meeting. Ovy will write a complete answer for you.

Context sensitive

It looks like magic.

Ovy automatically understands your name, who is the recipient and the content of the messages, in order to write complete responses relevant to the context.

Now you're speaking

Multi-language. And it's cool in all of them.

Ovy automagically understands the language used in the message and replies using the same language. 

Google calender integration

Let Ovy schedule meetings for you.

With the Google Calendar integration Ovy can look at your free slots in your calendar and propose the best meetings times in the email replies. You'll love it.

personalized email

Generate a custom email with just one phrase.

If you'd like to send a more customized email, let Ovy do the hard work. You have just to write your intention and the tone of the email, and Ovy will write the full email for you. 


Industry-leading privacy and technology.

Built with privacy in mind.

Ovy uses bank-grade end-to-end encryption.

Fully GDPR-compliant.

Your email are not saved on our servers.

Cutting-edge technology.

100-billion parameters Neural Network.

Really simple pricing.

So simple that a table to show it looks too much.

Monthly Anually 2 months free

Free Trial

Perfect for trying the AI.
  • 50 generated replies
Try it for free


/ month
Enough to handle your daily work.
  • 200 generated replies / month
Try it for free


/ month
Let Ovy do the hard work for you.
  • 500 generated replies / month
Try it for free

Free Trial

Perfect for trying the AI.
  • 50 generated replies
Try it for free


/ year
Enough to handle your daily work.
  • 200 generated replies / month
Try it for free


/ year
Let Ovy do the hard work for you.
  • 500 generated replies / month
Try it for free

Feel free to contact us if you need more generations or if you’re looking for dedicated team plans.

Do you need more generations?

For dedicated plans feel free to contact us.

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Frequently asked questions

You still don't believe it?

Is it free? How can I purchase Ovy?

We offer a starter package for free for 50 reply generations with Ovy, then you can decide to upgrade to the Basic or Pro plan. We also offer a dedicated team plan for bigger organizations for which you can contact us directly. You can purchase Ovy securely through Stripe, paying with a Credit card.

How do I get started?

You can start easily, just install our extension available in the Google Chrome Store, and Ovy will directly appear in your Gmail mailbox (or try a simple page refresh)!

What platforms does the Ovy extension work on?

Ovy is a Google Chrome extension for Gmail. We are working on future releases for more browsers (Edge, Safari), and for other email clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc).

What about my privacy? Are you collecting data on my text?

Your privacy is very important to us! Ovy uses a powerful mixed technology based on Userbot’s proprietary and patented Artificial Intelligence and GPT3 created by OpenAI, which is a third-generation language prediction model. We only store the data required for the service to work, like your name, your email address and the Stripe-encoded payments data. We do NOT read nor store any data about your email. The email text processed by Ovy could be used by OpenAI to ensure quality, secure and improve the service, and to detect and prevent misuse. Feel free to read more about it in our Privacy Policy.

Where do you store my data? Is it on your servers?

The data is securely stored on our OVH servers in France, under the GDPR regulation.

Can Ovy send any email on its own or without my permission?

No, Ovy can only generate the reply for you to your email, but will never send it without your final check and approval!

What languages does Ovy support?

Ovy is a multilingual smart tool, available in all languages.

What devices does Ovy work on?

Ovy works only on a desktop. We don’t support a mobile or tablet function at the moment.

Are you selling/sending my data to 3rd parties?

We do not sell any information about our users to third-party companies such as advertisers or data brokers. We only work with trusted third-party companies who help us provide and improve our services to you.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Ovy works with the tools you love.

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